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Miss Pat,
Starting our twins in Music together when they were only 4 months old has made such an impact on where they are today.  We had their two year check up earlier this week and our Pediatritian is blown away with how smart they are.  They both can count to ten, almost know the abc song and can point to a letter and say what letter it is.  Basically spelling out words on our shirts or various places every day!!  I honestly can say Music Together has accelerated both of them in meeting milestones months before they should be meeting them.  My husband and I both are amazed! 
Thank you for bringing so much joy into our life’s as we always look forward to our Friday music class.  The songs we have learned hold such a special place in our daily routines.  I have to admit just a few weeks ago when both kids went to go sit in your lap for the first time I was tearing up.  The heartfelt love that you show all of our kids is so genuine.   Thank you for being YOU!!! 
June 2018
Littleton Mom

Hi Pat. The other day I took Charlie to a gymnastic class. While he liked it and seemed happy, I was noticing such a difference between the way the teacher dealt with the kids and parents/grandparents and your way of being with kids and families. It made me feel so appreciative of you and your style, I decided that we should sign up for ONE MORE TIME. Am going to do that right now!!!!

Susan (March 2015)

Subject: MGH Thanks

Dear Vic:

Thank you again for the extraordinary musical performance today at Mass General Hospital for Children. Through your wonderful music you brightened a sometimes painful and often sad and scary hospital stay for several very appreciative children. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to really make a difference today!

Heartfelt appreciation on behalf of the Healing Arts Team of Mass General Hospital for Children,

Happy Holidays,


Mr. Lalli.
I can't thank you enough for the awesome entertainment that you held at Eli's birthday party. Everybody had a wonderful time. You were great. I'm hoping to see you again in the near future to give Eli a music classes, so please keep me informed with your schedule or any concerts.


This is an excellent program faciliated by a talented and warm instructor. I highly recommend class with Pat Lalli.

Ella S.

I loved Pat. I've done a different music class for a few sessions. Music Together is much more flexible and more loose in style. The cd is awesome. My child hasn't started "talking" but has started singing!!!

Sue M.

On the whole our experience was wonderful. Although my child doesn't always show her full potential during class, I see it all the time outside of class.

J. K.

Music Together is rewarding as always. My child has blossomed under Debbie;s wonderful and warm teaching style.

P. Jones

Debbie is great in class, very energetic, and positively interacts with the children and engages them.


The class is wonderful! Every parent/caregiver should give their child this experience.

Jodi N.

Hi, Pat,

I am just writing to let you know that we are moving out of state, and therefore will obviously not be taking future music classes with you. Sam has absolutely loved your classes and you, and I feel that he has a real passion for music as a result of our participation in your program. I can't thank you enough for the positive experience that you have given him. You really have a gift in the way you interact with the children to engage them and encourage them and make them all feel special and involved. I will miss that baby #2 will not have the same experience as Sam, but we will definitely seek music classes for her in hopes that she will share Sam's love of music. Thank you again!


Pat is a fantastic teacher! She is so incredibly responsive to my daughter and wonderful with balancing the needs of all the children in the class.

Stow Mom