Class Guidelines & Etiquette

The following guidelines will help you and your child get the most from the Music Together® classes. Please feel free to discuss any of the guidelines, or any other aspect of your family’s Music Together involvement with your teacher. We definitely appreciate your feedback! 

Parent Involvement:

Please participate with us as much as you can in class (even though you may feel a little self-conscious at first). Your child learns mostly from you at this age, even if you don’t feel particularly “musical” yourself. So please sing, dance, play instruments, and have a good time in class. You will be giving your child the gift of positive disposition towards music! 

Learning Styles:

This is an informal learning setting rather than a “classroom” with rigid expectations. Children are free to develop naturally and in their own time and fashion. Many like to watch for several weeks or even longer. Often they feel more comfortable simply observing in class and then participating at home. As hard as it is to hold back our desires to see our children “perform” in class, it is important to trust that they are actively learning, even when they may not seem to be doing so.

Listening to the CD & Using the Songbook:

As you know, children learn from repetition. The more they listen to the Music Together recordings, the more they will enjoy class and participate. Play your CDs at home and in the car frequently, especially during the first few weeks of class. Make it available for your child to listen to while he is playing or before nap or bedtime. Read the songbook with your child and use it to help you remember the songs or to play them if you play an instrument. Use the illustrations to help tell the story of the songs.

Wandering Children:

Children find their own way to express themselves musically. It is not appropriate to expect young children to stay in one place for too long, and some children need to move around more than others do. However, it is important, for everyone’s safety, that you keep an eye on your child if she is wandering around the room. It may be necessary to “shadow” your child wherever she is.

Talking During Class:

Talking during class is distracting to the teacher as well as other families and gives children the unintended message that the music is to be in the background or “talked over”. Use your singing voice or non-verbal cues instead. Please try not to chat with other families during the class. Use time before and after class to get acquainted.


We may ask you for intervention, or we may intervene if your child’s behavior is a concern to himself or others in the class, i.e., throwing instruments, wild running, etc. If your child is being disruptive to the rest of the class, please calmly take him/her out for a moment. The goal here is to keep the class safe.

Makeup Policy:

If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled class (due to illness or some other excusable event), you may arrange to make up the class at another time. You may make up two classes per session. Makeup space is limited, so if you know that you’re going to miss a class, please visit the Makeup Scheduler to schedule a makeup. If you do not have access to a computer, please call us at 978-897-0874. If you schedule a makeup and aren’t able to keep that date, it is important that you cancel that makeup in the system and reschedule it. If not, the system will think that you’ve attended the makeup already and won’t allow you to schedule more than two.

Bringing Other Children to Class:

If there is a need to bring an older sibling to class for reasons such as a half day of school, professional day, etc., there will be a charge of $10 for each child if he/she participates in class. This allows us to manage class numbers and keep it fair for those parents who have paid to have their child(ren) participate. Please let the teacher know ahead of time if you will be bringing additional children.

Holidays and School Vacations:

Please note that classes will not be held on holidays and school vacations (i.e., February winter break and April spring break).  Please check the calendar section of the website for dates in which classes are not held.

Cell Phones:

Please turn all cell phones off or to vibrate during class.

Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather, please listen to your local TV or radio station. If the town where classes are being held does NOT have school (because of inclement weather only), classes will be cancelled. If there is a delay, classes will be held at the discretion of the center directors.  In any case, an email will be sent regarding the status of classes for that day.  You may also call 978-897-0874 or check the website after 7:30 am to check the status of classes in each town. If classes are cancelled, we will do our best to add an additional class at the end of the session.

Eating & Drinking During Class:

Because of the distraction to other children, potential health hazards to some children, and in order to keep the classroom “crumb free,” eating is not permitted. If your child needs to eat because of a medical reason, please let the teacher know. A spill-proof sippy cup or bottle is permitted during the lullaby, which is sung towards the end of class. During the rest of the class drinks should be kept outside the class circle in order not to distract class activity.


Because toys may cause distraction to other children, please do not bring them to class. Stuffed animals and blankets can be brought, if needed, and held during the lullaby.

Sick Children:

It is important that you not attend class if your child appears ill or has had a fever within the last 24 hours.


If you need to change your child, please remember to take all diapers with you, as most of the spaces we rent are not cleaned daily.

Musical Instruments:

We have purchased instruments from the following companies. You can also go to and search for "kids music instruments."   This list is provided as a resource for purchasing musical instruments for your child and family: